Using program in 'test mode' is free.

Also using 'Gain/​​​​Profits' module is free. 

You pay for sending data to inverter. After creating Plant, free for 14 days, then:

Service Price with VAT (remark: price for year includes discount)
Up to 10kWh battery 10,00PLN/month or 100,00PLN/year (about 2,35EUR/month or 23,53EUR/year )
Up to 20kWh battery 15,00PLN/month or 150,00PLN/year (about 3,53EUR/month or 35,29EUR/year )
Up to 30kWh battery 20,00PLN/month or 200,00PLN/year (about 4,71EUR/month or 47,06EUR/year )
Up to 40kWh battery 25,00PLN/month or 250,00PLN/year (about 5,88EUR/month or 58,82EUR/year )
Up to 50kWh battery 30,00PLN/month or 300,00PLN/year (about 7,06EUR/month or 70,59EUR/year )
Up to 60kWh battery 35,00PLN/month or 350,00PLN/year (about 8,24EUR/month or 82,35EUR/year )
Up to 70kWh battery 40,00PLN/month or 400,00PLN/year (about 9,41EUR/month or 94,12EUR/year )
Up to 80kWh battery 45,00PLN/month or 450,00PLN/year (about 10,59EUR/month or 105,88EUR/year )
Up to 90kWh battery 50,00PLN/month or 500,00PLN/year (about 11,76EUR/month or 117,65EUR/year )
Up to 100kWh battery 55,00PLN/month or 550,00PLN/year (about 12,94EUR/month or 129,41EUR/year )
Up to 150kWh battery 80,00PLN/month or 800,00PLN/year (about 18,82EUR/month or 188,24EUR/year )
Up to 200kWh battery 105,00PLN/month or 1050,00PLN/year (about 24,71EUR/month or 247,06EUR/year )
Up to 250kWh battery 250,00PLN/month or 2500,00PLN/year (about 58,82EUR/month or 588,24EUR/year )
Up to 300kWh battery 155,00PLN/month or 1550,00PLN/year (about 36,47EUR/month or 364,71EUR/year )
Up to 350kWh battery 180,00PLN/month or 1800,00PLN/year (about 42,35EUR/month or 423,53EUR/year )
Up to 400kWh battery 205,00PLN/month or 2050,00PLN/year (about 48,24EUR/month or 482,35EUR/year )
Up to 450kWh battery 230,00PLN/month or 2300,00PLN/year (about 54,12EUR/month or 541,18EUR/year )
Up to 500kWh battery 255,00PLN/month or 2550,00PLN/year (about 60EUR/month or 600,00EUR/year )


Payment in advance: 6 months = 0.5 month free
Payment in advance: 12 months = 2 months free