Welcome to GbbOptimizer (vel. GbbVictronWeb) program.

To start using program you should:
- Create 'Plant': Plant is your one Victron system (Cerbo GX or other GX module) or one Deye system. 

  • Press "Add new plant with Victron" if you have Victron system (with or without HomeAssistant) 
  • Press "Add new plant with GbbConnect" if you have Deye Hybryd inverter not connected to HomeAssistant 
  • Press "Add new plant with HomeAssistant" if you have Deye Hybryd inverter connected to HomeAsistant (with or without SolarAssistant) OR other Hybryd inverter connected directly to HomeAssistant. 

- Fill in all fields and continue with FastSetup. After fill in all fields press 'Make Changes'
- In 'Prices' module: you should setup your purchase and sell prices.
- In 'Profile of Loads' module: you can enter manually your house AC Loads or import it from Plant

After that:

  • Plant is in testing mode. To start sending setup to Plant you should  switch off 'Test mode' in 'Battery Forecast' module
  • 'Optimizer based on prices' is selected

Most important things to check:

  • If prices are correct. Remember to enter transportation costs for purchase prices. 
  • If PV forecast is correct. If not you can check other PV forecast source.
  • If Load profile is correct. If you don't want enter manualy profile than you should wait week to all get data.

How to move to "optimizer based on prices"

To move from "optimizer based on SOC" to "optimizer based on prices"

  • On "Battery forecast" on "Version of optimizer" select "optimizer based on prices"
  • Press button "Change setting on program for this optimizer"

How to move to "optimizer based on SOC"

To move from "optimizer based on prices" to "optimizer based on SOC"

  • On "Battery forecast" on "Version of optimizer" select "optimizer based on SOC"
  • On module "Scheduler" define "Dynamic Schedulers"
  • On module "Discharge plan" define "Dynamic Discharges", if you want to discharge to grid.