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Version 12.3

- Solarman+Deye: if Price<0 then program can uncheck 'SolarSell' (option in Discharge Plan)

Version 12.2

- GbbShunt: SOC calculating module for lead-acid batteries (only inverters connected via Solarman). It also controls the completion of the charging and discharging process to the indicated SOC level. Thanks to it, you can use the program to optimize inverters with lead-acid batteries.

Version 12.1

- Possibility to connect any inverter connected to Solarman, as long as you define how the registers are to be set.
- Configuration 'how the registers are to be set' could be save to XML and load from XML.

Version 12.0

- New plant type: Plant with inverter connected to Solarman (Deye), without the need to install anything.

Version 11.7

- In Price module was added checkbox to change selling price less 0 to 0.

Version 11.6

- Victron: Relay1 or Relay2 can be switch on if SOC is higher than given or/and SellingPrice is less than given.

Version 11.5

- Victron: Real PV production can be imported from HomeAssistant instead of Victron System. This is good for MicroInverters not connected to Victron.

Version 11.4

- Import ExtraLoads (eg. EVCharge, HeatingPump, Other1/2) from HomeAssistant

Version 11.3

- Import ExtraLoads from Tesla EV chargers Gen 3+

Version 11.2

- New module: PC Forecast. The module allows you to predict how many kWh the Heating Pump consumes depending on the temperature at a given hour.

Version 11.1

- Communication with Deye inverter can now be V-based rather than SOC-based. Added ability to map SOC to V.

Version 11.0

- Program has been translated to polish language

Version 10.4

- Prices: Prices can be entered manually if they are missing from the official source or incorrect.

Version 10.3

- Optimizer based on prices: Forcing MaxSOC during day can be calculated not only from midnight to sunrise, but also from midnight to given hour.

Version 10.2

- Schedules: There is 'Fast Discharge' on 'Discharge Plans' and now we added 'Fast Charge' on 'Schedules' module.

Version 10.1

- Forecast: you can start animation of forecast from given time up to now

Version 10.0

- Due to great interest in the project and the need to launch another servers, we (with heartache) are introducing small subscriptions. The subscription cost is PLN 10/10kWh/month of batteries (about EUR 2.22/10kWh/month) or PLN 100/10kWh/year (about EUR 22.2/10kWh/year).
- Existing users automatically receive lifetime free subscriptions for believing in the program.
- There is a 14-day free subscription to test the program.

Version 9.8

- Schedules: You can define periods to limit charge (eg. at night). This has lower limit that charge limit on schedule.

Version 9.7

- Battery Forecast: 'Test Mode' fast switch on and off. In Test Mode program doesn't send data to inverter.

Version 9.6

- Fast price change: (specially for UK) Sales or/and purchase price can be manually change for given period.

Version 9.5

- Profits: Calculate value of Electric Vehicle charge energy (also Heating Pump, Generic 1 and 2) per hours, per days and per months

Version 9.4

- Forecast: program saves Forecast every hour in history (every Hour Job or on request) and keeps history of Forecast for 24 hours.
- Gain/Profits: Separation of Efficiency% calculation into Charging Efficiency% and Discharging Efficiency%

Version 9.3

- Fast setup: After creating Plant, you can continue setting the program in new FastSetup module.

Version 9.2

- New submodule in module 'Gain/Profits': 'Compare to Bill' - compare kWh from/to grid imported from Plant with data from your Electricity Supplier. You can import data manually or from one of predefined imports.
- Compare to Bill: Predefined imports for: "Poland: PGE (.csv)", "Poland: ENEA (.csv)", "Poland: TAURON (.csv)", "Poland: ENERGA (.csv)"

Version 9.1

- Almost all tables can be exported to Excel.

Version 9.0

- Change the name of program from GbbVictronWeb to GbbOptimizer :-)
- Add support for 30min time slots (in UK)
- Add different tariff for purchase prices (for UK).
- Add export whole configuration to XML file.

Version 8.1

- Add support for charts from Battery Forecast module embedded in Home Assistant.

Version 8.0

- Add support for almost any hybryd inverter connected to Home Assistant. Part of logic is made in Home Assistant Automation.

Version 7.5

- Profits: Program tries to calculate LostPower (kWh) and Efficiency (%).

Version 7.4

- Optimizer based on prices: additional option about discharge: "Dicharge to grid", "Don't Dicharge to grid" or "Don't change Discharge Plan at all".

Version 7.3

- New: valuation of energy in the battery based on average purchase price (price only during charging from grid, charging from PV is free) (in 'Battery Forecast' and 'Gain/Profits').
- Optimizer based on prices: takes into account the change of value of battery energy during optimalization.
- Dynamic Schedulers: 'Block battery discharge' is using average price of battery energy.
- Profits (in 'Battery Forecast' and 'Gain/Profits') take into account the change of value of battery energy

Version 7.2

- ExtraLoads: add AutoConverter to convert Loads into ExtraLoad (eg. EV charging, Heating Pump) if Loads above x kWh per hour

Version 7.1

- Optimizer based on prices: option to force MinSOC ones a day

Version 7.0

- Add support for Deye Hybryd Inverters connected to SolarAssistant (SA) connected to HomeAssistant (HA)

Version 6.12

- Dynamic Schedulers: Block battery discharge using selected scheduler, when current purchase price is lower than price during last charge plus some percent
- Victron: Plant: new checkbox 'Has EV Charger and is visible in VRM'

Version 6.11

- Plant: Victron: add 'VRM Instance' number of 'VE.Bus System' device. Normally this is 276, but sometimes it is different.

Version 6.10

- Plant: add cost of using batteries (money/kWh). It is used in Battery Forecast.

Version 6.9

- Victron: Import EV Loads as Extra Loads "Electric Vehicle" - to decrease Loads for forecast and not take on during calculation of Profile of Loads.
- Plant: Program can send you email when no connection with Cerbo/GbbConnect during x hours.

Version 6.8

- ExtraLoads: You can enter 4 types of ExtraLoads: Electric Vehicle, Heating Pump, Generic1 and Generic2.
- ExtraLoads: Can be import using updated protocol:

Version 6.7

- DischargePlan: Similar to 'Fast Discharge' now we added 'Fast Price<0' so Price<0 can be simulated for some hours (eg. to disconnect from grid).

Version 6.6

- Profile of Loads: You can setup Extra Loads (in past or in future). Extra loads (eg. charging an electric car) are added in Battery Forecast and are not included in Profile of Loads average calculation.

Version 6.5

- Battery forecast: In filters you can switch on showing past data (from Gain/Profits module) up to x days and y hours.

Version 6.4

- You can automatically enable discharge only during day or night. Hours of Day and Night are dynamically changing during the year (based on your Latitude and Longitude of first Inverter, based on sunrise and sunset).

Version 6.3

- Any program (eg. Home Assistant) can get data for forecast chart from GbbConnect using MQTT server. Protocol specification:

Version 6.2

- Program GbbConnect now has new version: GbbConnectConsole and can be run on Docker. More info: GbbConnect

Version 6.1

- Split "Battery Forecast" hour job checkbox "Automatically press: ..." to two checkboxes: one to import data, second to export Schedulers to Plant.

Version 6.0

- Add support for Deye Hybryd Inverters (SUN-xK-SG0xLP3) (with GbbConnect program installed locally - GbbConnect)

Version 5.4

- MasterPlant to connect multiple Victron Systems into one virtual Plant and optimize it as a whole. Good when you want to charge battery in ones systems from inverters in other systems (with Inter-Plant Balacer).

Version 5.3

- Inter-Plant Balancer: for two or more unequal Victron Systems connected to one grid if one System feed-in then Balancer can order other system (which not grid-in) to charge battery and feed-in no more then 'Total GridSetpoint'.

Version 5.2

- Prices: Extra sale tax can be manually enter for every weekday and every hour.

Version 5.1

- Manual import data to profile of loads (eg. from Excel)

Version 5.0

- New optimizer based on purchase and sell prices (old one is based on SOC), specially for dynamic prices, but can be used also on non-dynamic prices.
- Battery Forecast: new chart and table data about Gain/Profit forecast for next 24h.

Version 4.9

- Plant: New price source: "No price source, fixed prices" :-)
- Profile of Loads: update period can limited by setup 'From Month/Day' and 'To Month/Day'. This can be helpful during switching between different profiles.
- Profile of Loads: Profile can be automatically changed based on 'From Month/Day' and 'To Month/Day'

Version 4.8

- Plant: Can be specify days of month when 'Max Battery SOC %' will be automatically changed to 100% (for one day)

Version 4.7

- Charts for: Forecast, Inverters, Profiles of Loads, Prices and Profits (Hours, Days and Months).

Version 4.6

- If SOC is below scheduler SOCLimit less then 5% then program force to charge battery up to SOCLimit

Version 4.5

- Based on feedback added donations on page footer: and

Version 4.4

- New PV forecast source: Victron VRM system.

Version 4.3

- New module: Log of all important operation.

Version 4.2

- PV Forecast: program keeps 2 month of previous data (PV Forecast and Real Production per hour)
- PV Forecast: program can calculate average PV Forecast Accurance (%) based on given days (eg. 28 days)
- PV Forecast: program can calculate average PV Forecast Accurance every night (night job)

Version 4.1

- Profits: special operation: massive change of sale price for given month (specially for users from Poland)
- Profits: new indicator: 'Self-Consumption'

Version 4.0

- New options for Price<0: 'Disconnect from grid' (Inverter only mode: This is good if you have AC-inverter (AC-coupled PV) connected to AC-Out) and 'Switch off "DC-coupled PV - feed in excess"' (This is good if you have DC-inverter).
- Discharge: program automaticaly decrease GridSetPoint in such way that batery discharge should last whole hour
- New option in Profit: 'Hour balance' . It should be checked in Poland where Electricity suppliers calcualate bilance of sell and buy energy. If sell&gr;buy then this is sell (value := sell-buy). If buy&gr;sell then this is sell (value:= sell-buy). So never during full hour we have both sell and buy on bill.
- Schedulers: During schedule you can setup 'Input limit' (total limit for transfer power to/from frid) or 'Charge limit' (in Ampers). This is useful when you have limit eg. 2500W for getting power from grid.
- Inverters: Program sums forecast from all inverters/PVFields to compare with real production.
- Profits: added indicators: 'Profits/Solar' and 'Purchase/Consumption'
- Disable Battery Discharge: only on hours when PV Forecast >= Loads
- Prices: add VAT% if you want to enter prices without VAT.

Version 3.3

- Discharge Plan: new section 'Fast discharge' to manually start discharge immediately (until specific hour or specific SOC or press Stop button)

Version 3.2

- Discharge Plan: new section 'Bulk column change' to change values in columns for all hours at once.

Version 3.1

- Add "Token" to VRM authorization for users using 2FA on VRM portal. (Generating Token is available on VRM beta version)

Version 3.0

- New module: Profits. Module calculate profits (in money) from Victron and PV systems. Data per hour (up to 2 months), per day (up to 2 years) and per months

Version 2.4

- Prices: some options have been moved from Plant form to Prices form
- Prices: added the option to set one, fixed Sale Price

Version 2.3

- Plans of Loads: You can enable to update it from VRM every night.

Version 2.2

- DischargePlan: New chackbox: Assume no PV (switch off) if price<=0

Version 2.1.1

- DischargePlan: Dynamic disable battery discharge: New column 'Hours with lowest price'
- Battery Forecast: Optimizer: On period with price<0 schedulers are not changed nor disabled

Version 2.1

- DischargePlan: Dynamic disable battery discharge: add 'only if SOC will be not less than given percent after charge (optimized by Battery Forecast)'. This ensures that the battery charge delay is not activated if the batteries do not charge quickly enough.
- DischargePlan: New button 'Set all GridSetpoints to xxx'

Version 2.0

- Discharge Plan: Switch on Relay1 or/and Relay2 when price is less than zero. Can be used to switch of PV.
- Scheduler: Can be dynamically disabled by Optimizer in Battery Forecast when OverMax (to additional discharge battery at night before good weather)
- Dynamic Disable Battery Discharge: Program can disable battery discharge and force Grid-In until lowest price period (to delay battery charging in exchange for selling electricity)

Version 1.12.4

- Plant: You can easy share plant with Support Team on plant edit page

Version 1.12.3

- Dynamic Charge: If Scheduler is just running then program will not change them during Optimazing.
- Dynamic Discharge: If Dynamic Discharge is just running then program will not change them during Optimazing.

Version 1.12.2

- Forecast: Add hour "every hour", so you don't need add all 24 hours.

Version 1.12.1

- Dynamic Discharge, Dynamic Charge: Periods can overlapping, program will find different hours for each period with minimal/maximal prices.

Version 1.12

- DischargePlan: new kolumn MinimalSCO, to limit dischanging made by Battery Forecast Optimizer
- New menu 'Manual' where small manual is being slowly created.

Version 1.11

- DischargePlan: new checkbox 'MinSOC optimalized by Battery Forecast' which enable MinSOC to be changed by Battery Forecast Optimization.
- Battery Forecast: new version of optimizer 'Scheduler/DischargePlan is optimized based on data until the end' which can optimize level of charge and also level of discharge

Version 1.10

- New price source: Octopus (UK)

Version 1.9

- Battery forecast: add Purchase and Sale Price columns
- Plant: add option 'Purchase Prices are fixed, are not depended on Sale Prices'. If you have fixed purchase price than you can enter them in 'Price' module -> button 'Edit Transapotation Cosrs/fixed Purchase Prices'
- On Battery Forecast add option: 'Get PV Forecast only during hour jobs, not after press 'Get all data' button (in this way you only see PV Forecast taken during hour jobs for auto battery optimization, especially at night)'
- Better Battery Forecast when using Dynamic Discharge

Version 1.8.2

- On Plant you can setup Charge/Discharge losses (in %, default 10%). This causes increase of purchase prices.

Version 1.8.1

- On DischargePlan you can enable option to block discharge if discharge price is lower than last charge price with transport costs.

Version 1.8

- On DischargePlan you can add data to optimize discharge based on maximal price (or maximal price greater than x). (So now you can charge on minimal price and discharge on maximal price)

Version 1.7

- New PV forecast source: We support now only 'My home PV system only' hobbyist (free) account.

Version 1.6.1

- New (beta) version of Battery Forecast Optimization procedure

Version 1.6

- In 'Discharge Plan' you can 'Disable discharge' for every hour (and disable charge by setting 'GridSetpoint' to minus huge value if you want eg. delay battery changing)

Version 1.5

- In Schedules there is also 'Maximal SOCLimit' to limit SOCLimit during optimalize for every Schedules.

Version 1.4

- In Battery Forecast we added hour jobs. You can set hours when Battery Forecast (optimizacion of SOCLimit) must run automaticaly.

Version 1.3.1

- In Inverters we add parameters of colors.

Version 1.3

- In Schedules there is 'Minimal SOCLimit' to limit SOCLimit during optimalize for every Schedules.
- In Inverters we add colors for values

Version 1.2.1

- Schedules with 'SOCLimit=5%' and 'Don't optimize' are treated as 'disable discharge battery' during Battery Optimization

Version 1.2

- 'Correct MaxSOC of all Schedules' optimize also hours when Schedules are runnning.

Version 1.1.1

- In Transportation Costs you can copy costs from one weekday to other.
- In Schedulers you can enable and disable schedules directly from program.

Version 1.1

- Transportation costs (in Selling Prices module). To better calculate minimal price during optimizing start of Schedulers.

Version 1.0

- First not-beta version.

Version 0.9 (BETA)

- You can setup PV Forecast accuracy (%) per month of year, per hour of month.

Version 0.8.1 (BETA)

- You can switch on 'optimalize start time schedules' can be check every hour.

Version 0.8 (BETA)

- On Plant you can select price source of almost any country in Europe.
- On Schedules you can add schedules to optimalize start time based on minimal price.

Version 0.7 (BETA)

- On DischargePlans you can setup MaxFeedInPower when price is less or equal zero.

Version 0.6 (BETA)

- While download forecast from then program doesn't change data from past hours.

Version 0.5 (BETA)

- Forecast: new filter 'No PV Forecast', to fast check worst forecast (without PV).

Version 0.4 (BETA)

- Plant(s) can be shared to other user(s).

Version 0.3 (BETA)

- One discharge plan can be switched on to send every hour information to Cerbo.

Version 0.2 (BETA)

- Add TimeZone in Plant properties.

Version 0.1 (BETA)

First version. Successor of GbbVictronWin program.

SunriseSunset: aureldussauge/SunriseSunset